What I Learnt Moving... Not So Slowly

So, some of you might know, others not, but the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 was a big change for my little family (fur babies and hubby) when we decided to move... back to the UK. 

Sidenote, what does this have to do with slow-living? Well, the whole ordeal (and I do mean ordeal because there was nothing slow about this) played out differently to what we imagined, and I thought it would be good to reflect on reality versus expectations, and how I could have done things... slower.

So.... rule number one is making sure you realistically look at when you envision yourself in your new location... and then double the time. Learn from Lucy's mistakes!

Now, our move originally had a longer timeframe. However, life throws you a curveball, and you roll with it. What I mean is we tried to please other people by moving at an earlier date. Moving takes time and energy, even if it is exciting, and moving anywhere under short time constraints is just not fun. We decided to people-please and move in half the time that we had realistically budgeted. Yes, fleekers, we decided to pack up, move the excessively large amount of stuff that we had in our one-bedroom apartment - two fur babies included - all before Christmas, in 3 weeks. 

Moving could be your moment to declutter, take stock, and generally take control of where we were in our life with our possessions.

This really does apply to our slow-living mantra of making time for doing the things you love. When you are too cluttered out by stuff, thoughts, you name it, you do not feel that you have the space to live your best life. Now, this is a great idea in theory, but on the second run to the hardware store to buy even more boxes for my vices (handbags and every Country Living magazine since 2010), I realised that this was not my moment to Marie-Kondo.

My ever-optimistic friend said, "You'll have all the time in the world to go through everything in your new house... and it will be better because it is easier when you are unpacking..." I will keep you posted on that theory. 

So, the hubby has played Tetris with our worldly possessions, the moving van is full, and we are off for the first of two drives across Italy, Switzerland, France, and finally the UK to get to our new nest. Yes, that is correct, we drove twice. Once with our stuff, once with our dogs. There is nothing slow about that. I don't think I have a life lesson in there for you to learn from.

So, all of this gets me to the UK, away from the dolce vita, and out of my comfort zone.

What have I learnt?

In the past month, my comfort zone has been tested beyond its boundaries. Lists and expectations have been replaced with coping strategies. But, I am still here, I lived to tell the tale. I feel that although it was not done slowly nor how I had imagined it to be, the process has rushed in 2020, and all that it has to offer! Sometimes by moving fast, you appreciate you slow. You reflect and see how you can do it differently (dare I say better) the next time. Slow living is a lifestyle, and hopefully, in 2020 I can reconnect and slow down to appreciate all of the reasons why we moved!


Written by Lucy Bidgood-Lund

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