Part 3: The Future is Fleek

This week we wanted to keep things short and sweet after our personal stories about finding our fleek. We hope that you enjoyed them! If you haven’t yet the previous blogs this mini-series, check them out here:

Part 1: Finding the Fleek

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We say that finding you fleek is allowing yourself more time to do the things you love, but sometimes that isn’t always easy. Life can throw some pretty hard curveballs in the way but we are strong believers that it’s how you deal with them, which enables you to really feel at peace with yourself, and as we say at Fleek Retreats: to find your fleek.

When we started the Find Your Fleek campaign, it was to share little tips and tricks with you that we thought could help you, our fleekers, find your fleek of your own, but as you’ve probably discovered after reading our co-founders stories, there are many different roads to finding your fleek. Therefore, from next week, we are going to switch things up a little at Fleek Retreats HQ.  

To fully embrace slow-living, is to accept that a new lifestyle is always a constant journey, it isn’t something that can be achieved in days, weeks, months… It’s a lifestyle choice.

So, whilst we will still be keeping up the written blog, where we share with you our ideas, recipes and tips every other week, The Fleek Weekly is going to be introducing something new: our fortnightly Find Your Fleek mini-feature film.

We want our Friday campaign to evolve as we do; as a team, as a company, and with you our fabulous fleekers joining us every step of the way.  We will be there with you as you navigate your way towards slow-living. To give you an insight into one of the ways this lifestyle can change your perspective, every two weeks our Co-Founder Emma is going to invite you to follow her on her very own fleek adventure.

We want to show you what slow-living looks like first-hand, so we can hopefully inspire you, as much as your support inspires us to bring slow-living to the forefront… because who doesn’t need a little bit of extra joy in their every day?

So, on that note to have your bit of extra-joy, brought to you by Emma, make sure you tune in on our Instagram for our fortnightly mini-series!

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