Part One: Finding the Fleek

Good morning our lovely fleekers and HAPPY FRIDAY!

 It’s Emma here, co-founder of Fleek Retreats and I’m going to be bringing you this weeks’ Find Your Fleek Friday blog. Since we launched on the 28th February, we have released a slow-living blog on our website every week. These weekly articles have contained everything from fleek favourite recipes to slow-travel tips, and everything in between. We’ve examined how the movement evolved from a small group of like-minded individuals, sharing their love of home cooking (the start of the slow food movement), in the ’80s, to the global phenomenon, it is today.

When we started The Fleek Weekly, we did it as we wanted you, our lovely readers and supporters, to be able to take away a small slice of slow-living every week, so that even those of you who couldn’t attend our retreats or pop-ups, could still make small changes to your lifestyle.

Fleek Retreats will be 6 months old next week, and we can’t quite believe how much of a rollercoaster it has been so far.

We have met and spoken to a number of incredible and inspiring individuals. We have also featured in our first online magazine and, Lucy & I, have also been guests on our very first podcast! There is so much in store and we have got lots to look forward to in the Fleek Future, which is why for the next two weeks I’m going to be taking you back to the beginning of our fleek fairytale and sharing with you our motivation  to starting Fleek Retreats and what ‘finding your fleek’ means to us. We believe in creating a community for all of us, so we will share our story with you, and hopefully, you will soon be able to include us in the next chapter of yours.




Emma, Lucy & the whole Fleek Team x


Part one – Finding the Fleek in our Retreats.


The two most common questions we get asked are always:


What does fleek mean?

And how do you ‘find your fleek’?


Many of you are probably au fait with the term on fleek, but for those who aren’t, it’s essentially a millennial phrase which came about to describe a really-good set of eyebrows, yes really! The term is laid out in the Urban Dictionary (aka the millennial guide to slang) as follows:


On fleek 

  1. adj. hella; on point 

2 adj. very good


  1. My eyebrows are on fleek 
  2. James' personality is on fleek 


For further clarification just google the supermodel Cara Delevingne and checkout her eyebrows, probably the most on fleek eyebrows you will ever see!


Ok, ok, I can appreciate that it sounds like I’m probably going off at a bit of a tangent right now, as you mumble to yourself; What the heck does slow-living have to do with a groomed set of brows?!” Well, the answer is nothing and everything!


The infamous ‘Cara brows’ quickly became a talking point amongst the fashion industry, they were big, they were bold, and they were definitely on point. Her eyebrows made her stand out, made her unique and they made her, her!


At Fleek, we believe in owning your decisions, like Cara owned her brows, naturally! And one grey January day, (yes it does rain in Italy occasionally), Lucy called me just said “Em, what do you think about Fleek Retreats?”, and that, beautiful people, was how it was born.


Unlike most ideas though, ours was formed backwards, we spoke about ‘finding your fleek’ (metaphorically of course) before we even had the idea of calling the business Fleek Retreats. We knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted it to look, but the name actually came last. This is why the concept of what we do at Fleek is so important to us, it’s a vision we had years before we took the plunge to follow our dreams and launch at the beginning of this year. We were set in creating a community where people could find their cheerleaders, who could help each other out and use slow-living as a vehicle to take a step back and appreciate all the great things about their lives. In a world of imposter syndrome, social anxiety disorder and every other person on social media #livingmybestlife, it’s easy to get bogged down with the small stuff and miss out on those memories that you will cherish as time goes by. At our retreats we concentrate on taking a step back and going back to basics, to enjoy the simple things in life. It’s not only about understanding what makes you happy and having the confidence to pursue exciting avenues, (which you may have once been too afraid or busy to do), but it’s also having the confidence to say “this isn’t working and something needs to change.”.  


Next week, we are going to share with you our personal fleek journeys because we believe that everyone should have the chance to find their fleek.

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