Part Two: Finding the Fleek - Lucy's Story

I hope that you enjoyed Emma’s story last week! If you haven’t already read it, please check it out here!

So my story of finding my fleek, or my slow living journey, started more gradually. I do not ever remember a specific pivotal moment that I can look back on and say that this was when it all happened. To not sound too cringy, my slow-living journey has always been slow and steady.

I have been lucky, from a young age, to always be surrounded by a family that appreciated the smalls things in life, and I think that slow-living has always been a part of my upbringing, and therefore, a part of me. I grew up for half of my life in the south of the UK, close to the New Forest.

I can put my hand on my heart and say I had the fairytale childhood of riding my Shetland pony across the road, to the beach, during summertime.

It was idyllic, as you wish all childhoods to be, and it defines very much who I am.

When I was in my teens, we moved closer to my mother’s family, and I finished school in Canada, where I got a bachelor of arts in Philosophy and Classical Studies. Realising that this was not my “happily-ever-after” academia story, I finished and got on the first aeroplane back to the UK, to pursue another degree in Chiropractic. Now, this may seem as though I have a fear to commit. Obviously, more thought was put into this than I am writing about. Perhaps what I realised was that the profession that my previous degree would have lead me to, a career in law, would not have suited me at that point in my life. Although my close friends and family, and definitely my husband, could attest I am a real stickler for winning any argument, the lifestyle that would have been expected of me (the very least a 60+ hour work week) would have beaten me down, and not allowed me to live the life that I now so happily live.

During school, I met my now-husband, Fabio, and upon graduation, we packed up our tiny car (Fiat 500) with all of our belongings that would fit (ok, and perhaps a few shipped boxes because I couldn’t part with my shoes), and began our new adventure in Italy. Since arriving in the land of all things dolce vita, I have come to appreciate so many of the smaller things in life. Not that my life was that hectic before (although, anyone who has a minimal idea of doing any professional degree knows you get swallowed up and spit out at the end without knowing what has hit you). What I am trying to say, perhaps in a very long-winded way, was that Italy allowed me to go back to my childhood moments of beaches, ice creams, and ponies: taking pleasure in the simple things in life.

Now, not every moment in Italy was dolce. I remember reading an article about a woman saying you needed to take at least 1/2 a day out of your working week to do anything bureaucratic, or post office related. I remember giggling thinking this was a gross overstatement - until I moved here. However, like all hurdles in life, you take it in your stride, do the best with what you have, and learn from it.

Owning a multidisciplinary clinic with my husband was one of our great achievements in the last 5 years.

We were able to grow a network of professionals that looked at personal health in a truly 360-degree perspective. I love working with other professionals that can give me insight on how to help people live their best life (both physically, and mentally). This was one of the main focuses that I, and Emma, want to bring to Fleek Retreats. That lots of little changes, from all different angles, can make the biggest effect on a person.

So, perhaps I found my fleek at the ripe old age of 7, on a pony, by a beach. But somewhere along the way, I lost it, and it wasn’t until I had returned to the land of slow-living, Italia ,when I realised what I had been missing. It was so easy to fall back into a slow-living state again. Reflecting now, writing this for you, I realise how thankful I am that I had the chance to do that, and I hope that you have that chance too.

Now that we have shared our past fleek stories, we feel that it is only fitting that we also talk about the future! Check in next week for part 3, where we will be sharing with you about how the future is Fleek! 

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