Slow Living and Shorter Days

So, I am biased, as October is my birthday month, but Autumn can be a hard transition for a lot of people. The days are getting shorter, the bed is getting warmer and comfier.

In Italy, it is called cambia di stagione: literally, change of the seasons, and it is a serious business here.

Not only do people change their wardrobes up, but it means that you actually can feel the change of the season: positively or negatively. So, although we have set out all of our good intentions for September, this change of season can sometimes leave us feeling wanting for something else. So, in the spirit of slow-living, I wanted to give you some ideas on how to enjoy these shorter and slower days to make this your best autumn yet!

1. Read your Bedside Book Stack

Now, I don't know about you, because I now am the worshipper of a kindle, but autumn has always been my favourite time to snuggle up with a hot cup of anything and read a book. So, dust off those books that you have been saving for when the sun isn't shining (or that you didn't get to read on your vacay) and enjoy! The shorter days mean that evenings are a great time to crawl up with a book, and is a great alternative to just switching on the TV. 

2. Eat a Real Breakfast

The summer is over, light-fare is a thing of the past. Breakfast can sometimes be harder to imagine eating when it is still resembling dawn as your alarm goes off. But, a good breakfast is always a wonderful way to start the day. Autumn also invites new, hearty recipes that you can experiment with. Overnight Oats are one of our favourites here at Fleek Retreats. If you want some ideas here you go! If savoury is more your thing, perhaps take the weekend to indulge in some poached eggs, or have a go at making shakshouka

3. Go Outside

When the days are getting shorter, we all need to take advantage of being outside in the natural light as much as possible. This not only is good for the spirit, but it helps us sleep better, concentrate better, be better! Being outside can be just a walk to take in the beautiful autumn colours. Take your dog for a walk, take your friends to talk for a walk! Go for a bike ride with a friend. Enjoy!

4. Set a Bedtime

The best way to start the day is the day before. Having a regular bedtime that we stick to is the best way to create a healthy routine that allows us to wake up feeling like we want to get out of bed in the morning. The bed is always comfier and warmer in autumn/winter (at least mine is!) I find that getting to bed regularly, turning off my electronics at least 30 minutes before, and creating my ritual before going to bed, allows me to unwind from the day that has past. This is also so important when the days are getting shorter and so our personal rhythms may seem off.

5. Enjoy the Season

Finally, enjoy the new season and everything that it has to offer! What are your favourite things to do in the autumn? 



Written by Lucy Bidgood-Lund

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