So What Should We Do Now? Slowing Down Christmas


That time between Christmas and New Year, when you don’t know what day it is, who you are, or what you are supposed to do be doing.


The rush of Christmas festivities have passed, and we are waiting for the year to come to an end. You may be on holiday, you may be at work, but somehow we all can feel a bit lost in these days! Here are a few ideas of how to give some direction to this Chrimbo Limbo - when slow-living seems to be everywhere.


Learn a New Recipe


Perhaps you have left-overs to use up or have a recipe that you have been waiting to try out. This time is when you may have a complete afternoon to dedicate to your kitchen! Some believe this week could be called Food Week. If you are needing some ideas, why not try BBC Good Food, which has never failed me for inspiration!


We also have a few traditional recipes of our own, that are typical of a Veronese Christmas!

Play a Board Game


In our house, board games are a staple! Every year one will be found under the tree, and brought out over the holidays! To be honest, I can always find a good excuse to get friends or family together to break out a board game, but not everyone has the time! So dust off your board games from the back cupboard, or rummage around in your drawer and find some cards! Emma and I have had many a happy evening playing with our significant others some card games that are better not named (click to link for the rules! This game does not disappoint)!

Get Moving


If it is a beautiful day, pop on your coat and hat, and get yourself outside for a walk! Raining, or don’t want to venture outdoors? Get yourself onto youtube and pop on a yoga sequence or, even better, try out a workout (have a look at Blogilates)!


Getting moving can clear your head, be good for your health, and your soul! And if you happened to walk past some of the post-Christmas sales, this could cheer you up even more…


Watch a Movie

We all have our Christmas favourites in the movie department (anyone who knows me has been forced to sit through Love Actually at least once around this time of year!). Why not take your time and enjoy a film. It is crazy to think how often we do not even allow ourselves time to watch a movie these days, and therefore only watch an episode of something. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing series out there, but when was the last time you had time to guiltlessly watch a film and not have to pause it 100 times to do to answer the phone, respond to an email, etc. 


I hope one of these left you with some inspiration to use the void that is between Christmas and New Years the way that you want to!


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