Why Italy?

Why Italy?

I have been asked this question by many friends when I first decided to move from the UK to Italy in my mid  fifties.

Whether we realise it or not, the fast pace of living, especially in the more affluent northern European countries can be a dangerous roller coaster of living.

Yes, the rewards can be there but often at a huge cost both mentally and physically. We are aware through the media that ideally we should eat healthily, exercise, allow ourselves downtime but do we actually embrace this?

The “switch off” button is either not there, or buried deep in the minutiea of everyday living.

Italy beckons.

The sunny southern Mediterranean countries are like a balm to the weary, stressed and burnt out.

Our shoulders drop several inches when the feel the warm waft of lemon scented breeze, we walk slower, we smile more, and most importantly ..WE RELAX.

Italy has so much to offer. The scenery is absolutely stunning wherever you are but The Italian Lakes are special.

Framed to the north by the majestic snowcapped Dolomites and relaxing gently into the vineyards which take advantage of the moist and temperate proximity to the lakes.

Maybe that off button is becoming easier to locate? Time to slow down, to capture that feeling of joy, contentment and wellbeing.

I feel privileged to live here., but is it possible to take all that this wonderful country has to offer and continue to benefit after your holiday has finished?.

Holiday time spent wisely can hold the key.

Do you want to spend hours on a coach with questionable air conditioning and even more dubious toilet facilities to join the throngs at the various sights?

Perhaps you would prefer to wander leisurely onto the lawn overlooking the lake and  wake your body up naturally with a few gentle yoga exercises.

Perhaps you would like natural additive free breakfast followed by an informal “learn a few phrases of romantic Italian.

Perhaps you would like to learn how to make pasta?

A new kind of retreat in Lake Garda cherishes and embraces the idea of Slow Living and, just as important,  recognizes the need to continue and build on your emotional wellbeing when your holiday has come to an end.

Fleek Retreats is as close as you can get to living “The Italian Dream” … forever.


Kindly Written by Alison

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