Your Coffee Fix With an Italian Twist

The second heatwave has decided to hit Europe this summer, and we are all feeling the heat. When you imagine Italy in the summer, images of clear blue seasides, lakes, rolling hills in Tuscany, gelato, and of course expresso. Now, I can assure you that my morning Java is the only way I want to start my morning. It is an integral part of my morning ritual and routine.

However, when the temperature outside is hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk, and sadly I am not at the seaside (even if I was, I am a shade dweller!), a steaming hot cup of coffee may not be the first thing that I want to cross my lips in the morning!

Caffè Shakerato (cah-FEH Shah-kehr-AHT-oh): An espresso shaken with ice and sugar until frothy.

No, this is not a frappuccino, or even a classic iced coffee, because it is strained before serving making it creamy but light at the same time. This version of an iced coffee can be found in almost any hall-in-the-wall quintessential Italian bar or bistro. However, you may not be in Italy - or like me, you prefer your morning coffee in a solitary fashion. So, give it a try, and you can mix it up for an aperitivo hour with Baileys (or as my husband prefers - Cointreau). Let us know how it turns out!

Caffè Shakerato

What You Will Need

  1. Brewed espresso coffee (preferably done in a mocha and let to cool for 5 minutes)
  2. Ice
  3. Sugar (in the bars they use sugar syrup, but I do not have that lying around the house, so I use brown sugar)
  4. Whole coffee beans for garnishing or mint

Optional: Your spike of choice if it is just one of those days or aperitivo time!

What You Need to Do

Get yourself a cocktail shaker ( if you do not have one at home, use a spill-proof coffee mug/drink bottle). Pour your espresso coffee in. Make a similar amount that you would use for espresso (ie. 2 person mocha will be enough coffee for 2 drinks, or 1 if you are like me)

Add your ice. The container you are using should be ½ to a maximum of  ⅔ full with ice.

Add sugar to taste usually about 2 tsp per person if you do not like your coffee too sweet. You can omit the sugar or sugar syrup but I would suggest giving it a go (i am usually a black no sweetener coffee drinker, but I like a bit of sweetness in this one).

At this point, you can also add a splash of your Baileys or spike of choice.

Put the lid on and shake shake shake. Shake until you start to get a foam on the top. That is your sign that you are done!

Get a little strainer, and strain/pour your coffee into a glass of choice! When you get to the foam pour or spoon on top, whichever is easier.


Written by Lucy Bidgood-Lund

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