The mission of Fleek Retreats is to empower people to make small consistent lifestyle choices in an inspiring setting and to emphasize a slow-living approach to everyday life.

Our vision is to be the international leaders in providing sustainable slow-living retreats worldwide; creating bespoke retreats which are approachable, adaptable, and accessible. #MeGoals




Emma is an events guru and travel extraordinaire. Working in the travel industry for nearly a decade, she has a wealth of experience in creating amazing holiday experiences. In 2016, she returned to London, where she began working as a Freelance Events and Logistics Manager with several top London creative agencies. Emma has organised numerous complex events, worldwide, for leading global companies, and she is always keen to hunt down new trends and cool ideas. She is passionate about creating incredible experiences - fusing her knowledge of travel and events to create and co-found Fleek Retreats.

Aside from being a part-time crazy cat lady, Emma loves to travel, spending 5 months exploring South America in 2017. Closer to home, she spends most of her winter in the mountains skiing or snuggling under the duvet with a good book, whilst in the summer she prefers to venture to new places to find the perfect sunbathing spot. 


Lucy is a co-founder of Fleek Retreats, a chiropractor, and wellness consultant, who helps people of all walks of life to improve their wellbeing. She promotes the importance of personal health in the most global sense.

Lucy enjoys sailing, skiing, shopping, and walking her two Labradors with a mug of coffee in hand.

Before starting Fleek Retreats, Lucy lived and studied in both Canada and the United Kingdom. After graduating with her MChiro, she moved to Italy with her husband, where they opened a busy private practice in Verona. She runs a multi-disciplinary practice that provides patients with access to chiropractic care, a nutritionist, a psychologist, massage therapy, yoga classes, and personal training. Recently, she has wanted to expand her audience and accessibility to share her knowledge. After a successful career helping both families and professionals, Lucy works with people during these bespoke retreats, to help integrate healthy postural and ergonomic choices into their everyday living.