Born in Estonia, Anja Kyago is a yoga teacher with a Bachelors and Master's degree in the Art of Sports from Tallinn University. She worked as a P.E. teacher, badminton coach and fitness instructor before realising her true passion lay with teaching yoga. In 2016, she began teaching yoga-fitness concept training; YOGAFUNC, before continuing her study of Ashtanga Yoga. She studied at Ashtanga Yoga School in Tallinn from 2017-2018, under Finnish yoga teacher Jocke Salokorpi, before founding fitness concepts HEATFUNC and SUPPAMA HIIT. In the years that followed she continued to educate fitness professionals and aspiring yoga teachers throughout Estonia, Finland, Norway and Italy. Last year she moved to Simeulue, a tiny island in Indonesia to continue her teaching. She is passionate about empowering her students to create strong connections between the mind and the body, to achieve peace and fulfilment through the practice of yoga. 

Yoga practice is like a healing process on the mat. After just a few moments between deep inhalation and exhalation, we slow down the whole nervous system and create the connection within the body and mind. This practice helps to lower the vibration of our mind, leading to a natural flow of thoughts. This creates a peacefulness which guides us to see into the window of our true self. There are no right or wrong movements; this practice allows the body and the breath to create a natural flow. Everything that feels good creates an endless outflow of positive energy.


In her own words: “I have never been as close to myself, as I am now, at this point in my life. Yoga has allowed be to embrace my whole self and enjoy life as it transforms and changes around me, whilst staying true to myself. When I teach I encourage everyone to not to take life, and Yoga, too seriously. I want my participants to experience the fullness of life in my classes - move, have fun, embrace any emotions which may come up and relax into the moment. Yoga is not about doing the moves perfectly, it's about doing what feels good for you. I believe in creating an authentic practice where I work closely with my participants so they know that I care. I want everyone to feel that they are seen and welcomed. The most important thing for me is that you are kind to yourself and this will come through in your practice." 


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