Blair originates from South Africa and, after adventures backpacking around Europe, found himself enlisting with the British Army. This chapter in his life helped develop a real appreciation for what we so often take for granted. His experiences in many colourful – and some less so – regions of the world where people survive and thrive in extraordinary situations have shaped his thinking & approach. Blair has been exposed to extreme environments & to challenging leadership situations, tasked with making sense of chaos.

After graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Blair completed an MSc in International Affairs. He has become fascinated with the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the concept of Anti-Fragile, which he is introducing into his work with leaders working in difficult situations. He enjoys partnering with people and teams who are facing challenge and change, especially at this time where the world is filled with so much 'noise'. 


This November, Blair will be partnering with Fleek Retreats for Anti-Fragile X International Men's Day, the wellness event created by men, for men. He will be leading two workshops Relate: The Macho Misconception and Revolutionize: Small Changes. Big Difference.