Blair is enjoying a new phase of his life that has provided a true sense of responsibility, relative calm and fleeting opportunities for reflection. As a transformational coach  father of two  and wine lover, he believes that all things great are shaped by the environment and ones approach to it. His philosophy is 'action drives mood'. 

Blair originates from Southern Africa and, after adventures backpacking around Europe, found himself enlisting with the British Army. This chapter in his life helped develop a real appreciation for what we, in the west, have and take for granted. Experiences in many colourful  and some less so  regions of the world where people survive and thrive in incredible situations. It also shaped his experience through exposure to extreme environments, challenging leadership situations and making sense of chaos. 
Blair graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and later completed an MSc in International Affairs. He has since been developing his coaching skills; translating philosophy and structures into practical approaches to help one become stronger. Grounded by stoic principles, from dealing with adversity, has helped develop an anti-fragile mindset that led to action-based partnering approach to drive individual fortitude and team endurance. He enjoys partnering with leaders and teams who want to make a difference in the world. And he is equally, if not more so, prevalent with those who are facing extreme challenge and change in their lives - especially at this time where the world is filled with so much 'noise'. 


This November Blair will be partnering with Fleek Retreats to bring his exciting concept of Anti-Fragile online in an exclusive one-off event. Join us on 19th November for Anti-Fragile X International Men's Day, the wellness event created by men, for men.