Carolene was born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia and spent the majority of her adult life in Europe. She has a French father, Kiwi mother, Spanish grandmother and a Maltese last name, and she says that when people ask her where she's from they often get an essay-worthy response! She usually start with the this; ‘my soul is from the Mediterranean’ whilst she waits for the awkward silence or wide-eyed expression that follows.

Despite having a degree in Health Science, she ran away with Cirque du Soleil, spending 10 years travelling the world with them in guest experience roles, before moving to Lululemon Athletica to help them build incredible communities within their stores. It wasn't long before adventure came calling again and, leading the entertainment department on a cruise ship, Carolene spent several months travelling around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. After this she journeyed to Portugal to help an entrepreneur with a travel experience project and lived in Bordeaux on a search to reconnect to her french roots. She says that her Mediterranean Soul continually grabs her up and spits her out somewhere on its shores, most recently in Montenegro.

Carolene recently started her own business Caro Méli where she works with tourism businesses, predominantly in and around the beautiful Mediterranean, to improve their overall guest experience. Tapping into their brands and creatively bringing them to life. 


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