Chris has been a trail blazer in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Described as “personable, enthusiastic & motivational” by his clients, he is a credible, successful personal trainer. In addition, Chris runs ‘The Diet Revolution’ a specialized nutrition programme that he both wrote and developed. This programme has helped many people to become healthier, happier versions of themselves since its launch several years ago.

Chris has recently opened his own gym, “The Fitness Project’ in the UK. He balances doing what he loves with being a father to three young daughters with his wife, Tamira. Chris is also something of a reality You Tube star and thanks to the success of his channel he has recently been approached by a major U.K. TV channel who are keen to bring his life to the small screen. Chris joins the Fleek Family as a motivational speaker, sharing his key to creating a lifestyle that balances personal health, family life with work that he’s passionate about.


Motivational speaker, Chris will be joining us to inspire with his incredible story at at our upcoming event Anti-Fragile X International Men's Day on 19th November 2020.