Fabio Battaglini

Fabio is a chiropractor and personal trainer. After his first degree in sports science, he decided to further specialise in Chiropractic care to help people in finding their own way to get better and live to their full potential. He studied both in Italy and in the UK to then base camp in Verona where he works in family practice with his wife, Lucy, helping as many people as he can.

Fabio's background in sports and fitness helps him in his everyday work, as he can also follow up with patients outside of the chiropractic office, helping them to reach a healthier, more active, and rewarding lifestyle.

Fabio has always been very active. He enjoys skiing, windsurfing and anything that keeps him moving! He believes in taking time for yourself in a world where almost every second is taken up by our daily routines.

Life is one, slow it down, take it all in!

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