Fleekend FAQ's

What is a Fleekend?

A Fleekend brings all the elements of a retreat online, straight into the comfort of your own home, or garden (weather and Wi-Fi permitting). 

Why should I care about Slow Living?

For so long we've been conditioned to think 'busy is better', but Slow Living isn't about living life in the fast lane, it's about living the good life.

Although 7 days of slamming on the breaks from your sun lounger can work in the short term, it doesn't take long for the holiday blues to fade. What then?

Slow Living empowers you to move from being 'time poor' to 'life rich', living every day in a more balanced, meaningful and life-affirming way. Generating the ultimate feel good vibes! Experts have also concluded that by slowing down we are able to make more meaningful lifestyle changes, which directly impact our lives in a positive way, resulting in a slower, but more fulfilling life.

Can you tell us more about the August Fleekend?

Sure! For this retreat Slow Living: The First Step to Slowing Down, we have collaborated with our incredible Slow Living Fleek Friends to showcase a selection of our favourite Slow Living Sessions.

Day 1: Relax, Reflect, Recharge

You will reconnect with your authentic self and learn invaluable ways to press the internal pause button when life starts speeding up.

Day 2: Reboot, Relight, Renew

You will gain a bigger understanding of how Slow Living can help you achieve more from life, channelling your energy in a fun and positive way.

When is the Fleekend?

It is on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of August. Don't worry if you can't attend both days, you can also purchase Day Tickets.

Saturday 22 August: Relax, Reflect, Recharge

10:00-10:45 Welcome & Introduction to Slow Living

10:45-12:00 Relax: Breath. A direct way to your inner Self

12:00-13:00 Break for lunch

13:00-15:00 Reflect: Understanding your Authentic Self

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-16:30 Recharge: Guided Meditation with supporting Reiki

Sunday 23 August: Reboot, Relight, Renew

10:00-10:30 Welcome & Recap

10:30-11:30 Reboot: Energizing Yoga

11:30-12:00 Break

12:00-13:00 Relight (my fire): Finding Your Fleek (Part 1)

13:00-14:00 Break for lunch

14:00-15:00 Relight (my fire): Finding Your Fleek (Part 2)

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-17:00 Renew: Unlocking Your Creativity

Who is this retreat for?

Everybody! Slow Living isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle choice, so everyone has their own ways of weaving Slow Living into their world. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of Slow Living before, or you've been Slow Living for half a century, the beauty of Slow Living is that, like our lives, it always evolves.

Anything else I should know?

We recommend all guests to bring their own mat or have a comfy space for the yoga & meditation sessions

To get the most from your retreat please ensure that you have a stable internet connection. All sessions will take place over Zoom and a link for the retreat will be sent out on the morning of the event. Please ensure you have a Zoom account to access this retreat to avoid missing out on any sessions.