Jane’s life and career have been nothing if not varied. Her working life has taken her across Europe and Central America. Two highlights included working on an off- shore windfarm with a Danish organisation and in the more comfortable setting of a Bavarian Spa hotel, where she was a leadership coach to a group of Norwegian engineers on a ski-break. As you do! 

Jane is a professional coach who specialises in change and personal development. Most of her work has been centred around enabling others to thrive on change, whether the change has been chosen, or imposed from elsewhere.

A self- confessed “people person,” Jane is endlessly curious about people and the possibilities that they present. Her philosophy as a coach is that everyone she works with has capability & creativity far beyond their imagination.  She sees herself as the catalyst who enables others to wake up to what’s possible for them and to implement a practical plan to achieve it. Jane judges her success by the step changes achieved by the people she works with.  These can be small, life changing or anything in-between. In other words, Jane has many years of success in helping people to Find their Fleek!

Jane doesn’t believe in “either/ or” and is positively allergic to labels as she sees them as limiting who we are and what we’re truly capable of. Described by friends as “entertaining, inspiring, practical and direct,” She is also deeply grounded in her spiritual practise. A Reiki Master and Pagan, Jane works with natural energy as part and parcel of her daily life. She believes that the ability to do so is accessible to all of us, no special powers, exclusivity or strange rituals required. Jane works holistically with her clients on all levels – the practical, the physical and the spiritual – and she uses her energetic connection to unlock powerful, positive results for her clients.

Fun Fleek Fact: For all her green leanings and belief in Slow Living, Jane is also a committed petrol head who loves driving fast and is the owner of two sports cars. Proof that her Fleek, just like yours, is a unique blend that makes you a true individual.


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