Maiken Sarv

Maiken Sarv is a yoga and pilates teacher who was born in 1986 and grew up in Estonia in a little town called Otepää. Maiken started working as a fitness instructor in 2006 in Tartu, where she went to university to become an Electrical Engineer. She studied engineering 8 years in Estonia, Spain and Italy and even though graduating bachelor and master’s degree, she chose to become a professional in the fitness industry and hasn't stopped since! In 2014 Maiken became an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga student and attended various yoga training and schools all over Europe. Maiken is also a creator of a PILATESFUNC program and educates YOGAFUNC and PILATESFUNC instructors internationally.

Today, Maiken has dedicated her life to find the connection between the body and mind and guides daily her students on their journey. She practices meditation and yoga day-to-day and is constantly studying to expand the knowledge of spirituality and the body-mind connection. 

Yoga practice is like a healing process on the mat. After just a few moments between deep inhalation and exhalation, we slow down the whole nervous system and create the connection within the body and mind. Asana practice helps to lower the vibration of our mind that leads to the natural flow of thoughts, creating the peacefulness that guides us to the window into the true self.

The combination of the deep breath and the soft movements opens up the way to the mindfulness and keeps us in the present moment. There are no right or wrong movements; let the body and the breath create the natural flow. Everything that feels good creates an endless outflow of positive energy.


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