Peter is trained in Counselling, Reiki and Massage Therapy, however his main passion lies with exploring consciousness and understanding our true self. After spending time in both Germany and India, Peter developed an innovative and effective Guided Meditation practice using binaural sound and light to balance the alpha, beta, theta and delta waves of the brain. This was the start of his exploration into the vibrational power of sound, music and the nature of consciousness.

Over the years Peter has deepened his understanding of Self and has been inspired from some of the best healers, teachers and therapists in the world including Barry Long, A.H. Almaas, Sagarpiya, Waduda, Rafia Morgan, Turiya Hanover, R.A Gilbert, Allan Armstrong and Eckhart Tolle. Peter values the “Enlightenment Intensive Process” of Charles Berner for its simplicity and efficiency. It has the direct and honest nature of Zen with a simple structure that is accessible to everyone, guiding the person straight to her/his essential Self. For the past fifteen years he has been active in both participating and hosting Enlightenment Intensives in Italy, Germany, Scotland and Wales.

Peter currently lives with his beloved partner in the Pre-Alps of Northern Italy where he divides his time working at The Mandali Retreat Centre and his recording studio where he produces Conscious Music and Guided Meditations. His learning and exploration continues as he continuously experiments to create sounds that enhance a state of well-being and ways to share ways to be in silence. His down to earth narrative and rich sense of Scottish humour embrace his approach and makes his guidance accessible for everyone. 


On 19th November, Peter will be bringing his unique approach to self- reflection and consciousness to the following workshops: Reflect: What It Means To Be Me. and Reconnect: Slow Down. Gain More, at our upcoming event Anti-Fragile X International Men's Day.


 Peter will also be hosting two wonderful and relaxing sessions at our Beat the Winter Blues Fleekend taking place 16-17 January 2021. He will be leading a session on dyads on Saturday afternoon followed by a dreamy guided meditation, assisted with distance reiki healing from Jane French.