This April, we will be heading to the shores of Lake Garda to our own private villa nestled in the vineyards of the Veneto region. Exclusive use of all facilities that include a swimming pool, with what most would describe as the best view of the lake. This traditional Italian country villa feels like a home away from home. Join us at this charming and inviting location for the true Italian experience.


Discover slow living with our slow sessions, created for the mind, body and the soul.

Our Signature Slow Living Retreats contain sessions for the mind, body and soul so our guests can be fully immersed into the slow living ethos.


It is impossible to get away from the constantness of today’s society. There is the constant pressure to be the best, to say yes or no, depending on whether it’s on-trend to have FOMO or JOMO. The feeling of guilt when we are happy but struggling when we are sad (whilst at the same time telling everyone we’re not). The pressure to be constantly present in the moment but at the same time documenting it all so we can share it with the world. More so than ever before, there is constant pressure for us to understand exactly who we are and what makes us tick.

This constant need to be everything to everyone can be exhausting, which is why with the Slow Mind Sessions we’ve flipped everything on its head. Instead of us handing out the self-help scripture on slow-living, we have created our own sanctuary especially for you. There is no pressure, no stress, no time limit - just a spot in the Italian sunshine where we will give you the tools to let your mind wander. You will have the freedom to explore aspects of your life and your own pace, on your individual journey to finding your fleek. In our slow mind sessions, you will discover what does and doesn’t work for you, and you will come away having the courage to make the changes that matter the most.

Slow Mind Sanctuary Sessions

2 group slow mind sessions

1 individual slow mind session


Listening to your body, and being comfortable in yourself is a foundational part of finding your fleek. We want to give you not only the right space to experience this but the right tools. How better to start than a daily yoga practice. Our highly qualified instructor will guide you each morning so that each day will start the way it should, with you appreciating you. No other thoughts, just movement.

The Slow Body Session would not be complete without a full postural assessment by our internationally qualified chiropractor. Not only will you be able to benefit from the professional guidance on how to improve your postural health, but during the retreat, if you need some help with re-aligning your body, our chiropractor will be on hand to help you every step of the way. 

Slow Body & Movement Sessions

3 morning yoga movement sessions

1 slow body session*

*If you request further consultations with the chiropractor this can be arranged subject to availability (additional charges may apply)


It is said that food is fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul (and we think that extends to good wine as well). Finding your fleek starts with your soul, and if your soul is well-fed than the rest will follow. In our Slow-Soul Sessions, we delve into the traditions and secrets of the past where you will gain VIP access to the ultimate authentic gastronomic experience. 

Away from the tourist traps and common misconceptions, we welcome you inside the home of the slow-food movement. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients our personal chef will take you on a culinary journey through Italy for a taste of the true dolce vita. Then it’s over to you, get the chance to try your hand at something new from pasta to pastries, sweet to savoury, there is something for every foodie. Being able to recreate your soul food at home is part of finding and living your fleek well beyond the retreat. 

Slow Culinary Sessions

1 wine tasting experience

1 traditional cookery course

1 hidden gastronomic treasures



This April we will be heading to the shores of Lake Garda to our own private villa, Prati Palai , nestled in the olive groves and vineyards of the Veneto region. Enjoying exclusive use of all facilities including the swimming pool (with the best view of the lake!). This traditional Italian country casa feels like a home away from home. Join us at this charming and inviting location for the true Italian experience.

The villa, has eight spacious suites. Outside, guests will find a pool surrounded by olive trees and meadows with breathtaking views of Lake Garda. Immersed in nature and just a stones throw away from the lake front, it's the perfect sanctuary for finding your fleek. 


Each room has it's own unique charm. The exposed beams and parquet floors in the bedrooms, pay tribute to the original features of the villa. All rooms are en suite and some have free-standing bath tubs. There is wi-fi available throughout the property and all the suites have air conditioning and a flat-screen TV . Prati Palai is not, and does not try be, a hotel - rather, it is a classic agriturismo: a quintessential country villa overlooking Lake Garda.


We believe in honesty and transparency, so all of the slow sessions, workshops, and activities* listed are included in the room prices as well as all your food and wine for the duration of your stay!

✔️ Luxury accommodation for 4 Nights & 5 Days

✔️ Slow living session prior to the retreat

✔️ Morning yoga movement sessions

✔️ Slow mind sanctuary sessions

✔️ Slow body session

✔️ Wine tasting

✔️ Traditional cookery course with our local culinary expert

✔️ Hidden gastronomic treasures experience

✔️ Bite-sized Italian moments

✔️ 4 Breakfasts

✔️ 3 Lunches

✔️ 4 Dinners

✔️ Wine to be served with lunch and dinner

✔️ Exclusive use of the swimming pool overlooking Lake Garda

*Although we would be delighted if you attended all the organised activities and workshops, there is no obligatory attendance at Fleek Retreats.

This exclusive and bespoke retreat is limited to a maximum of 14 guests


✖️ Flights (we can help advise you of the best way to get here so just drop us an email)

✖️ Travel insurance/Visas

✖️ Spirits and beer (wine is included)

We will try to accommodate any additional requests not included in the itinerary, however, these cannot be guaranteed. 

This retreat is run by Fleek Retreats and open to everyone over the age of 18