Veronika is the Founder of Online Retreats and Co-Creator of The Drunken Monk. Originally from the Czech Republic, Veronika now lives in the mountains of Northern Italy, where she divides her time between working as a facilitator for active meditations and breath work. She is also responsible for developing the retreat program for The Drunken Monk and recently she has been studying hard to complete her specialisation in Psychological Counselling. In her free time she loves to wander and take in the nature of the beautiful Italian mountains. Veronika also plays the piano and is a keen photographer admitting she ‘loves running around taking hundreds of pictures’.

In her own words Veronika says “Breath is a brilliant tool to help you to stay in the here now and to reconnect to your inner source. At the Fleekend we will practice various breath techniques to release emotional and physical tensions, awaken creativity and facilitate the harmony of your body, mind, emotions and spirit. At the end you’ll be equipped with powerful techniques to support you in your daily life.”


JOIN Veronika to learn incredible breathing control techniques, to help you find balance and reconnect with your inner self at our Virtual Fleekend: